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Like a river, which at its source is pure, takes on form according to that which it encounters on its way, so that which surrounds varies with each and every instant. But at the base of these differences there is the source: the eternal state of being, the font of existence, origin of time, space and fortuity.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Starting with Ernst Chladniís experiments, and the presumption that every colour contains a precise frequency expressed in Hz, I have converted into sound the different frequencies transmitting the vibrations produced in a metal sheet covered with coloured sand.

Thus designs are formed for each colour. The first sheet represents white, the sound of silence and point of departure from which various colours are differentiated, the last representing the chaotic sum of the seven frequencies and colours.

The images that make up the project belong to the blind, both by birth as at an advanced age, to whom I asked to associate every colour to an emotion, to a state of being, to a place or situation based on their personal idea of colour derived from descriptions or past memories. Finally freezing those moments by taking a photograph.

The awareness of a harmonious energy from which natural phenomenon is derived is the object of most Oriental philosophies, and their research is also part of modern physics. In 1902 Einstein demonstrates how mass is nothing other than a form of energy (E=mc2) that is propagated in the shape of electromagnetic waves with varying frequencies and visible to the human eye as colours (from red lights to purple).

The sound wave is propagated on the basis of the identical principal of that of light, principles made visible thanks to the experiments of the musician and physicist Ernst Chladni and the further investigation by many artists, first and foremost Kandinskij, whose belief was: Colour is the key, the eye the hammer. The piano chords are the soul.

For this reason images belong to people that perceive vibrations in a different way compared to those that use their sight habitually, showing us a deeper way, perhaps, of seeing colour and the reality around us.
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